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What Could Your Organization Achieve With a Thriving Workforce?

Increase employee wellness program participation rates with revolutionary, physician-approved at-home testing.

What Does a Health-First Corporate Culture Look Like?

Increase Productivity by 13%​+

Healthy employees show up differently. They're energized, motivated, and ready to perform their best. 

Boost Morale by 36%

When employees feel cared for, they reciprocate with loyalty, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude that permeates your business.

Improve Attendance

Healthy individuals enjoy their roles, driving down absenteeism and upholding a consistent performance, contributing to your bottom line.

Health and wellness testing isn’t just an investment in your employees’ health. It’s a strategic move towards a more engaged, productive, and thriving workplace culture.

What's your biggest challenge when it comes to your employee wellness program?

If you said participation, you’re not alone.

Many employers struggle to get their employees to manage their health, especially when it comes to preventative care.

Often, it’s because prevention is out of mind.

Most people start looking for health solutions AFTER they experience symptoms.

Your employees are no different.

But as you know, screening for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases is essential for healthy employees and, therefore, a thriving team and organization.

$600 BILLION +

Employers pay more than $600B in medical care and lost productivity due to heart disease and diabetes every year.

This number is estimated to increase to OVER $1 TRILLION by 2035.

Let’s take diabetes, for example.
  • 37.3 million Americans—about 1 in 10—have diabetes.
    About 1 in 5 with diabetes don’t know they have it.

  • 96 million American adults—more than 1 in 3—have pre-diabetes.
    More than 8 in 10 don’t know they have it.

Screening for HbA1c enhances identifying those at risk for prediabetes, enabling you to identify those at risk of becoming high-cost claimants and intervene.

The average annual healthcare cost for an individual with diabetes is about $16,752, roughly $9,601 of that amount attributed directly to diabetes.

In comparison, the average healthcare cost for an individual without diabetes is about $5,810.

The numbers for heart disease are no better.
  • 1 out of 4 employees are unaware they have hypertension. When left undetected, hypertension can lead to heart disease.

  • Heart disease is one of the most expensive health conditions in the US, costing over $300 billion per year.

  • Employees with heart disease drive an additional $1,000 to $3,000 more per year than indirect costs alone.

  • An employee with cardiovascular disease has an average of 13 lost workdays per year due to their condition.

  • High blood pressure-related absenteeism costs employers $10.3 billion per year in lost productivity.


70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory results. But have you thought about the impact lab data has on your company’s healthcare management decisions? 

  • How many of your employees are NOT getting annual health screenings?
  • What percentage of your employee population is represented by the health data you use to make critical decisions?
  • Are your high-risk employees getting routine blood work?
  • Are your employees utilizing your sponsored health and wellness programs?
  • How are you capturing accurate health data on remote worker populations?

Why Isn't Preventative Care a Priority?

Regular screenings align with your commitment to happy and healthy employees. They are a win-win for you and your employees. 

Yet, despite this knowledge, many employees don’t participate.

For some employees, it’s the “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality. They don’t have health issues or symptoms, so they don’t seek medical care or take preventive measures.

Another BIG reason employees don’t get screened: it’s inconvenient

Busy schedules and demanding lifestyles can make it difficult for people to prioritize regular check-ups, screenings, and other preventive care activities.

A few other factors include:

  • Lack of awareness
  • Financial barriers
  • Belief in invincibility
  • Proximity to health facilities
  • Inconvenience of going to the lab

Increase Employee Participation Rates With Hassle-Free At-Home Testing

At-home testing can increase access to care for employees who face barriers to visiting a healthcare provider, such as those who live in remote areas, have mobility issues, or have busy schedules.

As mentioned, inconvenience is a major reason why employees don’t get screened.

At-home testing eliminates the need for time-consuming visits to their doctor or lab.

Because the tests are taken from home, employees can fit them into their schedules without disrupting their work or personal life.

Other employee benefits include:

  • Privacy: Employees can take their tests where they feel comfortable without worrying about potential exposure to other individuals in a lab or clinic.
  • Ease of use: At-home tests are designed to be easy to use, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with traditional lab testing procedures.
  • Actionable results: Our test results include actionable results, so your employees will know exactly what they should do next.

Now Featuring EZDraw Sample Collection

Collecting a blood sample has never been this easy or painless

EZ Draw is a high-volume liquid blood collection device that lets employees self-collect clinical-grade samples. With EZ Draw, it’s now possible to test markers that were impossible to do from home.

🏆 High Sample Collection Success Rate

  • FDA 510(k) cleared.

  • 99% of patients prefer EZ Draw to an in-person venous draw or finger-prick blood collection.

  • Successful EZ Draw capillary blood collection by unsupervised and supervised administration was completed by 93.4% and 94.5% of participants, respectively.

Why Employers Choose Us As They Preferred Testing Partner

We Support Existing Wellness Programs

Our testing solutions can be used to enhance adoption and impact of any program that requires blood testing.

Low Participation Minimums & Short Lead Time

We make things simple with lower participation minimums and shorter lead-time requirements. Best of all, we won’t nickel and dime you for things like bilingual staff or privacy screens.

Case Management Team Support Included

We’ll work directly with your case managers to coordinate individual employee testing anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

1. Register

Employees select their desired test when registering their kit.

2. Sample Collection

They will follow the instructions to collect their sample and mail it to one of our CLIA-certified lab partners.

3. Results & Recommendations

Employees will be notified in 3-5 days when their results are ready to access.

Available Tests

We can accommodate nearly every screening an in-person lab can. Here are a few:

General Wellness Tests
Adrenal Stress
Comprehensive Fitness
Skin Vitality
Sleep + Stress
Thyroid Health
Weight Loss

Nutritional Health Tests
Food Sensitivity

Men’s Health Tests
Men’s Health

Women’s Health Tests
Ovarian Reserve
Women’s Fertility
Women’s Health

Sexual Health Panels
Basic STD
Advanced STD

Let's Get Started

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