Employee Wellness for Small Businesses

Small Business Budget,
BIG Health Impact

At-home health screening for employers with fewer than 50 full-time employees (FTEs) and seasonal and shift workers.

Maximize Employee Wellness, Minimize Costs

An at-home health and wellness testing program isn’t just an investment in your employees’ health.

It’s a strategic move towards a more engaged, productive, and thriving workplace culture.

Prioritizing Wellness Sets Your Business Apart

Increase Productivity by 13%

Healthy employees show up differently. They’re energized, motivated, and ready to perform their best. 

Boost Morale by 36%

When employees feel cared for, they reciprocate with loyalty, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude that permeates your business.

Elevate Attendance & Dedication

Healthy individuals enjoy their roles, driving down absenteeism and upholding a consistent performance, contributing to your bottom line.

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