Testing Options

Simplify Testing With Home Test Box

Home Test Box is an at-home testing service that allows you to test various aspects of your health and wellness without a doctor’s visit. Simply select the test that best meets your needs. Within days, your testing kit will arrive, along with detailed instructions on how to perform the test. For rapid results tests, your results will be available directly on the device within minutes. 

How it Works

Testing Has Never Been Easier or More Accessible

1. Order Your Test Kit

Your test kit containing everything you need to complete the test will be delivered directly to you.

2. Collect Your Sample

Next, you can collect your sample. Depending on the test, you may need to send it back to the lab in the pre-paid shipping packaging to be processed.

3. Receive Your Results

For rapid tests, the results will be ready within minutes and visible directly on the testing device. For tests that require you to return your sample, results will be available electronically within a few days.