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Our return and refund policy applies only to those purchases made directly through You must have a valid order number to proceed with a return or refund request.

Please thoroughly check your kit upon receipt. If your kit is missing components or is damaged, please immediately contacting our customer service team by calling (844) 484-8372 or emailing us at [email protected] Please report any missing components or damage within 48 hours of receipt for a replacement or full refund to your method of payment. Please provide your order number and email when you contact us for the fastest response.

You may request a refund for your order, less a $50.00 kit fee, within thirty (30) days of your date of purchase, provided that your sample has not been submitted for testing. Please do not return your used or unused kit. It may be disposed of, there is no special handling required.

If you have already provided your sample for testing, we are unable to refund your payment or cancel your order. If your sample is sent for testing after cancellation and refund, your method of payment will be charged.