Scale Your Shopify Store With Physician-Approved Remote Lab Testing

Selling at-home lab testing is just a few clicks away. Get started today with $0 upfront costs.

Have a Shopify Health & Wellness Store?

Home Test Box makes it easier than ever to sell at-home health & wellness test kits in your Shopify Store.

We take care of everything, including packing, shipping, and after-sales service when someone buys from your store.

Your customers will enjoy speedy service, a seamless testing experience, and lab results they can actually understand.

The best part?

You pay only when a customer orders. 

Get started today with $0 upfront costs.

Effortless Integration

The HTB Shopify app integrates seamlessly with your product lineup. You can add popular remote tests to your store in just a few clicks. 

Expanding List of Test Options

Select from dozens of tests, including women’s, means, and adrenal health.


Have peace of mind that your customer’s health data is safe with HIPAA-compliant software.

Empowering Your Customers, with Knowledge

With Home Test Box, you can guide your customers through their health journey.

Easy-to-Read Results: A user-friendly dashboard presents test results clearly. We do our best to avoid medical jargon so your customers can actually understand, and more importantly, USE their results.

Personalized Insights for Every User: Your customers receive actionable “next steps” based on their unique test results. This allows them to make informed decisions.

Help Them Take Control: Your customers can take proactive steps towards better health, whether it’s a lifestyle change or seeking expert advice.

Custom Branding Launch At-Home Tests With Custom Branded Packaging

With white-label options available, you can offer at-home tests with packaging that reflects your brand.  

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