Best Sellers

iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test


Find out whether you are infected with SARS-CoV-2

Food Sensitivity Test


Test your body’s IgG antibody reactivity to 96 foods

Vitamin D Test


This test measures your vitamin D levels to ensure you’re maintaining enough to support bone and cellular health.

Thyroid Health Test


Measure your levels of the three primary thyroid hormones (TSH, Free T3, Free T4) and thyroid antibodies to understand your thyroid functioning better.

Weight Loss Test


This at-home lab test measures vitamin D and hormones that regulate metabolism. Your test results may help you understand unexplained weight and energy fluctuations.

Metabolism Test


This at-home metabolism test measures three hormones that influence how your body acquires and uses energy. 

Inflammation Test


This at-home lab test can help you understand the level of inflammation in your body and if you’re maintaining an adequate Vitamin D level.

Adrenal Stress Test


This at-home test measures two hormones that influence your body's stress response.

Simplify Testing With Home Test Box

Home Test Box is an at-home testing service that allows you to test key markers related to your health and wellness without a doctor’s visit. Order your test, and within days, your testing kit will arrive, along with detailed instructions on how to collect your sample. Return your sample to our CLIA-certified laboratory for processing using the prepaid shipping label included in your kit. You will be notified when your results are ready to be viewed in our secure online portal.

How it Works

Testing Has Never Been Easier or More Accessible


Choose the kit you want to test for and have it delivered to your home


Register your kit. Then, follow the instructions provided in the kit to collect a sample


Use the provided packaging to ship back your completed test to our labs


Receive an email notification when your results are ready, and view them on our website