Stock your pharmacy with health & wellness self-testing kits

Dozens of lab-based tests in one SKU

The Flex Kit

The Home Test Box Flex Kit is a self-testing kit that contains everything your customers need to screen for common health concerns from the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Test categories include:

    • Hormones
    • Vitamin deficiencies
    • Food intolerances
    • And more

How it Works

20+ tests. Low price point. One box.

Home Test Box understands that pharmacies have limited shelf space, so it’s imperative to maximize the space you do have. To make it easy to carry our products, we combined more than twenty tests in one box.

1. Purchase

The customer purchases the kit from your pharmacy. Their purchase includes the customer's choice of ONE of our four basic tests: vitamin D, heart health, testosterone, and diabetes screening.

2. Register

When the customer registers their kit, they can select one of the basic tests included with their purchase or upgrade to one of our premium tests. The customer will then follow the instructions to complete their test.

3. Results & Recommendations

When the customer receives their results, they will see a section titled "What's Next?" This section can include products from your pharmacy relevant to the customer's test.

What's Next?

You can feature any relevant product in this section, creating an opportunity for you to market relevant products.

The Complete Customer Cycle

Check out the results in action

Premium Tests

General Wellness Tests
Adrenal Stress
Comprehensive Fitness
Skin Vitality
Sleep + Stress
Thyroid Health
Weight Loss

Nutritional Health Tests
Food Sensitivity

Men’s Health Tests
Men’s Health

Women’s Health Tests
Ovarian Reserve
Women’s Fertility
Women’s Health

Sexual Health Panels
Basic STD
Advanced STD

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